Starting Our Year Off Balanced - Taking Care of ‘Us’ with SimplyBiotix

By Jen Anderson, Macaroni Kid West Chester, PA January 19, 2018

Our family tries to maintain our focus on balance and good health year-round but as a new year rolls in, it’s a good reminder for us to remember to take care of ourselves, our health and our overall balance. We’ve known for a few years about the benefits of taking probiotics – the good bacteria that our bodies need to balance out the bad and keep us overall healthy. We want to give our children probiotics as well but we’re a bit choosy when it comes to the specific product and its ingredients. When I was asked to try SimplyBiotix which are free of ingredients like gluten, GMO’s, soy, tree nuts and peanuts, a quick look at the ingredients resulted in an enthusiastic “yes” from me.

Finding the right probiotic, especially for our kids, can be overwhelming. It needs to fit a few important criteria:

    Are the ingredients ok for them? (No GMO’s, sugar, gluten)

    Will they work – is it the “right” bacteria and is it effective?

    Will they take it?

SimplyBiotix’s GutsyTM meets every criteria! In addition to the probiotic blend and Vitamin D, Gutsy contains ingredients like xylitol, and natural strawberry and raspberry flavor. It is free of soy, GMOs, gluten, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, dairy, and sugar.

The bacteria in a probiotic need to be alive through their expiration date in order to provide you and your children with health benefits and Gutsy is designed to do just that. It contains 3 billion CFU that are designed to be alive through the products expiration. Learn more here about choosing the right probiotic strains for your kids.

Probably the most important criteria and the question many parents have is “Will my child take this supplement?” With Gutsy it couldn’t be easier. You simply open the packet and dissolve it in the mouth. It has a pleasant fruity taste and you can literally take it anywhere – no refrigeration is necessary. The small packets are easy to bring with you and to take on-the-go. The powder formula is perfect for my kids who do not like swallowing pills. They can simply dissolve and go and I can feel good about the effectiveness and the ingredients of the probiotic.

SimplyBiotix makes a range of supplements:

Gut Health
Max Strength
Oral & Sinus

You can compare the various SimplyBiotix products and benefits at

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*I was provided samples of each SimplyBiotix product in order to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.

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